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Here at RCB CPA PLLC, we are dedicated to you and all your different accounting and tax needs.

We are available year-round.  Our most important goal is making you a happy, life-long customer. 


RCB CPA PLLC is headed by Mr. Raj Bhalodkar, CPA (New York State License),  a finance veteran, with over 20+ years of experience in corporate treasury, tax, financial risk and management  domestically and internationally.  Mr. Raj is a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary from India and holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and CGMA.


Free initial no cost, no-obligation discussion about your business requirements

Fixed fees agreed in advance and not dependent on income level


​​We know it's often hard to figure out "how and why" of the tax and accounting requirements of your company.  We take time and trouble to to help you understand the logic and rationale of these requirements in a non-technical language.